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Fiery Hemorrhoid Remedy

Has your asspipe ever been in so much pain that you couldn’t stand or sit without wanting to scream? If not, consider yourself lucky! However, if you know what I’m talking about, then I think I have a quick solution for you. It’s not a cure, but it could quench the sudden pain flaring up from…

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Hey is Not for Horses!

Source Have you ever been called a jackass for using the word “hey”? “Hay is for horses,” they say. Then they get mean and ornery and say, “Aren’t you glad you’re a jackass!” That’s not nice! Who are these people? Idiots? Do they not like interjections? Are they not aware that “hey” is a very…

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Amazing Ants and Hardcore Toothpaste

One of my earliest childhood memories is being out on the front yard in the midday sun, minding my own business, watching my older brother mow the lawn. I sat down on a freshly cut area of grass and absorbed the heat from the sun and revealed at the joy of being alive. I think…

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