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Star Trek Discovery Fan Fiction: Asteroids Amongst Us

Illustrated by CaliComics Hey, have you seen this new TV show, Star Trek Discovery? If not, spoiler alert! I recently watched the first nine episodes of the new sci-fi series out on CBS. I liked the special effects, the ship’s design, the new uniforms, the cinematography, and the acting wasn’t half bad. However, the story, especially…

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South Park Fan Fiction: Cartman Chokes a Chicken (Part 3)

And now the exciting conclusion of Cartman Chokes a Chicken! Read part I. Read part II. Warning: Strong language and adult situations. SYNOPSIS: Cartman gets busted trying to kill his neighbor’s rooster while Randy tries to institute a global ban on porn, hilarity ensues. Special Guest Stars: Towelie, Al Gore, Jenna Jameson, Dr. Phil, Judge…

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