Totally Losing Face and Other Stories

Wickedly funny, yet disturbingly dark, Totally Losing Face and Other Stories introduces twenty tantalizing tales of adult short fiction. In his debut book, Hillel Groovatti enlivens his captivatingly original stories with a wide-range of intriguing characters, diverse locations, dark and sometimes twisted humor, as well as a dash of sci-fi.

Drawn to the strange, unique, bizarre elements of the world; Groovatti finds humor in the darkest of places. His characters struggle to make sense of the world, muddle in the muck of existence, and revel at the joys of being human.

Meet best friends Kyle and Chris whose hangover Sunday is invaded by a pear-shaped alien trapped on their kitchen table. Blaze a new trail to the wilds of Australia with four friends as they try to stop a scientific experiment gone awry. Visit a famous Amsterdam museum with a group of New Yorkers as they accidentally wander into a one-man sex show. Learn the secrets of Chinese cooking from a culinary expert. Fly to Japan, the hard way. Venture to Taiwan and discover what it’s like to totally lose face. And brace yourself for one wild, off the hook, crazy ride!

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20 Intriguing Stories

Totally Losing Face and Other Stories” features 20 offbeat tales of adventure, survival and misfortune. Chockablock full of original stories peppered with dark and zany humor, “Totally Losing Face and Other Stories” is one wildly humorous book that you’ll thoroughly enjoy from beginning to end!

Dark, Humorous, and Totally Off the Hook!

With a variety of stories covering various genres, Totally Losing Face and Other Stories is for readers equipped with a creative imagination and an inflated funny bone.

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Hillel Groovatti

With twenty outrageous stories spanning everything from the bizarre to the unbelievable, Totally Losing Face and Other Stories is one off-beat collection of fiction that plunges the reader on a wild roller coaster ride and continuously delivers from beginning to end.

Hillel Groovatti - Author of Totally Losing Face and Other Stories


"Hillel has a great style of writing that keeps you engaged & engulfed in the stories."


"A great collection of amusing and stimulating stories and exotic experiences with lots of unpredictable and humorous elements, looking at things from an often wacky and raw point of view with no holds barred."


"Holy cow this was amazing! Give me more more more!"

Chris Versus the Succulent Pear

When an alien shaped like a pear suddenly appears on Chris's kitchen table, Chris and his college roommate are forced to use all their creative juices to do battle with the strange creature and protect their humble apartment.

Flying Rebar

Two couples from New York city are in for a wild ride when they witness a rogue performing artist at an Amsterdam museum.

Totally Losing Face

A newcomer to Taiwan learns what it's like to truly lose face after dating a local hell-bent on saving her face.

Gareth's Dilemma

Gareth struggles with several relationships in Taipei, Taiwan. As the seasons change, so does his attitude towards women.

GoMo BoMo

Based in the future, GoMo BoMo is a cautionary tale of science gone awry. Set in Australia and the USA, a corporate conglomerate attempts to genetically splice a chicken and a toad to speed up the life cycle and fertility of chickens. When live samples mysteriously go missing, two friends must track down the clues and bring the issue to the attention of the public. Even if it means bringing down their own company.

Hsaio-mei's New Lover

Hooking up with an old fuckbuddy is not as easy as it used to be in this flash fiction story.

Pinching Zits

At a bizarre cocktail party, one man attempts to remove a large zit draped across a coworker's head, which then kickstarts an absurd sequence of events.

Taichung Kungfu

An expat traveling in Taichung, Taiwan struggles with the language in this flash fiction comedy.

The Celebrated Chef of Guangdong Province

Set in China's booming Guangdong province, a chef creates an amazingly new dish; unfortunately, the main ingredient may be too difficult to obtain.

The English Virgin

A new English teacher in Taiwan struggles with teaching, the culture, and most of all, red tape.

The Fecal Anomaly

Home alone for the weekend, two high schoolers have their plans ruined when one of them develops a medical condition of epic proportions!

Will the Thrill

An army vet confronts his mortality in this flash fiction character study.

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