Science Fiction

Chris Versus the Succulent Pear


When an alien shaped like a pear suddenly appears on Chris’s kitchen table, Chris and his college roommate are forced to use all their creative juices to do battle with the strange creature and protect their humble apartment.

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GoMo BoMo


Based in the future, GoMo BoMo is a cautionary tale of science gone awry. Set in Australia and the USA, a corporate conglomerate attempts to genetically splice a chicken and a toad to speed up the life cycle and fertility of chickens. When live samples mysteriously go missing, two friends must track down the clues and bring the issue to the attention of the public. Even if it means bringing down their own company.

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Pinching Zits


At a bizarre cocktail party, one man attempts to remove a large zit draped across a coworker’s head, which then kickstarts an absurd sequence of events.

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